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So What's it Like to be a Woman in Ministry?

 In the Presbyterian Church (USA), women have been ordained now for 65 years. I've been ordained for 34 of those, and yes, now there are some who consider me one of the "oldtimers." I'm not - I had it so good, in a million ways, thanks to the likes of Cynthia Logan and Cynthia Campbell and Mona Bailey and Judy Fletcher and Ilene Dunn. They were the first five clergywomen I met, back in the day when you could count all the ones you knew on one hand. They were mentors for me then, and thank God, they are all mentors for me still.  I had coffee yesterday with a talented young clergywoman. She said, "I'd just like to follow you around for a month and learn what it's like to be a woman pastor." While I would welcome that, especially from this particular woman, I told her that the first step was to stop identifying as "a woman pastor." A psychiatrist friend of mine said one time that he'd never want to go to a "Christian psychiatrist&quo

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