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Unfolding the Unfolding Tragedy in Uvalde

In ten days, it will be three months since the massacre at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. I had wanted to write about this tragedy after my second visit, but the grief was so deep that the words would not come. (as you know, for me, that is an odd phenomenon!) But today, August 14, I went for a third time in order to preach for the saints of First Presbyterian in Uvalde. Now I think I can better process what has happened from my point of view. Let me start at the beginning. Almost three months ago, a carful of us from the Presbytery went to attend a hastily-planned prayer service for the community at First Presbyterian, about 48 hours after the massacre. As we got closer to town, we noticed that we were following a couple of hearses going in the same direction. We had brought along with us boxes of soft, colorful prayer shawls lovingly prepared by women in two of our congregations. We also brought the promise of financial and spiritual support from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. And we

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