It's That Time

Well, here we go. It's Friday morning. This is traditionally the longest business day on the docket, and the commissioners seem to be making sure that it will be true. We had a substitute motion in the works before 10am. 

And frankly, it's a ittle refreshing. I ran into a friend this morning, whose friend said to her that this assembly has felt a little eerily like an echo chamber. Since so many churches have left our number, it seems like those of us who are left are more of one mind than not. And I am not sure that's a good thing.

We Presbys have a gift that I think we need to once again share with our country. While we are better together, we are stronger when we dialogue with each other and "test the spirits." I know that My Beloved provides that gift to me when I think I have all the answers. And I have seen our Presbytery provide it to each other when difficult issues arise. May our denomination do the same this day as we try to come up with the best solution for the fossil fuel question.


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